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Do you ever wonder if the future you will look back at you now?


Here is a list of software that we have currenly developed. While all software is not avaliable for download you can still browse.

  • videogame_asset3DS Homebrew

    3DSnake - A classic remake of the game Snake, 3DSSnake provides limited functionality as it was developed as a Proof Of Concept Homebrew for the Nintendo 3DS.

  • computerAlienFX Fun v1.1 (Alpha)

    AlienFX Fun v1.1 – ALPHA Features:
    – Ability to use AlienFX Lights with all audio sources not just with music players.
    – Turn keyboard into an equalizer.
    – Early build of scripting engine for custom lighting effects
    – Threshold of channel cut-off (0 would be black)
    – Currently scripts can only be tested through the editor (Know bug, if you close the editor whilst running a script it will prompt a syntax error)

    PulseFX will be added(Fluid Lighting) Yum :p
    Individually control zones(code is there just disabled :p)
    Complete GUI overhaul
    More Alienware Devices
    Re-write equalizer code (you will see)
    Time lighting (Changes lights to the current time of day)
    Non-supported game integration (This one will be amazing)
    Start on startup (derr)
    ALOT MORE!!!
    Feel free to request features


    Added update checking on start up
    Re-arranged GUI
    Re-wrote bright change
    Added system tray icon minimization
    Settings can now be saved. (File -> Options -> Save settings)
    Tidied up code


    Keep in mind this is a very early release, and bugs are to be expected.

  • androidBalancycle

    Do you like Cars? Motor Bikes? Planes? If you answered yes to any of those then sorry this isn’t for you…
    But if you sat there and thought about your child hood dream of riding a unicycle, then today is your lucky day.

    Introducing “Balancycle”, the not even close to real unicycle simulator.

    Battle your way through this war of physics as you try and avoid kissing concrete with those cute lips of yours.

    Just when you think you are actually good at a game for once, you can compare your score with friends… Only to find out that they are so much better than you. Sorry not my fault cry emoticon

    Balancycle is coming to a Play Store soon…

  • computerBIRC v0.4

    -Connect to Twitch.tv IRC servers(More servers in the future)
    -Pharse ALL messages sent through configured server
    -Unlimited List of commands are easily programmable through “commands.txt”
    -For anything that BIRC doesn’t support, you can simply write a script that does it
    and call that script with “execute” (EG. ?exe execute start.bat)
    -Constant monitoring of its logic
    -Ability to recover from a error(From user or system error)
    -Communicate with your arduino projects with ease
    Ability to control speed of robot from BIRC
    Ban list for users that cause trouble multiple times
    Automatically ban users
    Custom data sent to arduino(Currently only 4 commands can be sent{f,b,l,r}{102,98,108,114})
    Use with both Twitch.tv and Justin.tv


    Changed ablity to connect to twitch.tv and justin.tv. You can now run BIRC on both

    Added more security on users sending messages to BIRC
    Fixed issue with admins not being admins

    Added COMS support
    Fixed a few bugs in regards to executing scripts
    Wrote functionallity to communicate with collab


    BIRC is currently not available for download.
    Please contact joshua.johansson@daftlyoddsoftware.com for more information

  • androidFibbage App

    A simple android app for the ease of use with the Xbox One game “Fibbage”
    No longer are you required to open your web browser to play this awesome game.
    Simply install the APK in the link below and enjoy.
    If you have any issues please let me know.

    Future Features:
    Gamemode Mods
    Coin System (Purchase letters of the answer etc etc)

    No more annoying Javascript Alerts = A simple message at the bottom of the screen will inform you of any issues.
    Fullscreen by default.
    NO more hitting the back button by accident!

    You will need to enable “Untrusted Sources” in order to install this on your android device

    Download v0.3

    I (Josh Johansson) and/or “DaftlyOdd Software” are in no way affiliated with “Fibbage”, “Jackbox Game” and/or “Jelly Vision Games”. This is a Fan Made App.

  • androidJosh Wade Soundboard

    * Josh Wade Soundboard! *
    * Play your favourite quotes over and over again with this app *
    * And it’s FREE ! *

    With this app you can play many quotes from various Josh Wade Youtube videos.

    New quotes being added regularly.

    Can’t find your favorite quote? Want a new feature? Found a problem? Please write a review and let me know, I’ll try and add/fix it for you.


  • computerSocket Punch v0.3.3

    This is an alternate GUI network transfer for FBI based on sockfile.

    Simply put SocketPunch.jar into your folder containing CIA’s on your pc.
    SocketPunch will scan working directory and folders within for CIA’s.
    Queuing system allows for multiple file transfers. Allows for batch CIA installation over network.
    Just initialize the transfer on PC on 3DS and forget :P.

    Settings added: Make changes in config.txt which is created after first run (Current settings are
    savelog=true & buffersize=128)

    Timestamp and Log file: SocketPunch will store a log file (log.txt) within its working directory
    containing all events.
    Auto-Retry on failed send. (Does not work for Already Installed CIA’s).
    Timeout Tries: Allows you to set the amount of tries before moving onto next CIA to install (Not needed if auto-retry is enabled).

    1) In FBI press Y to receive an app over the network.
    2) Set Prompts to Disabled in FBI
    3) Select(Double-Click) the CIA’s from the list displayed within SocketPunch you wish to install on your 3DS.
    4) Check Auto-Retry box if you wish to keep trying to install after a failure, else SocketPunch will try for the amount of tries specified in Timeout Tries.
    5) Change IP address to your 3DS’s IP (By default it will be set to your local IP, so you should only need to change last digits).
    6)Press the “Punch” button, then FBI will ask to confirm the transfer in which you would press A to confirm.

    REQUIRES: JRE 7 or Higher
    SocketPunch v0.3.3(With source): https://www.mediafire.com/?d2p28fvz0idl2wx